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The Pigs

Large Black Hogs–A Heritage Grazing Pig

     When we were looking for a heritage breed of pig to raise we came upon the Large Black. (Heritage breeds are breeds that have been perfected over a hundred years ago by farmers who bred for taste, hardiness, mothering ability, and efficiency.) Most heritage breeds of hogs are very rare today and one of the most rare is the Large Black Hog.

     The Large Black is listed as endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. It was once one of the most popular breeds of pigs in Europe until pork production moved indoors by huge commercial hog operations. It is now being rediscovered.


The History of Large Black Hogs

     The Large Black is believed to have been developed in the late 1800’s from Chinese breeds brought to England. They are a “bacon” type, or meat producer, instead of the “lard” type that was common in that day. They became known as the Devon or Cornwall pigs from their area of origin before becoming just the “Large Black.” Although there were a few importations in the mid-1900s, the largest import into the United States was in 1985 by Ag-World Exports.

     They were originally raised for many reasons including their hardiness, mothering ability, milk production and prolificacy. The Large Black is a very efficient pork producer because it can glean a large portion of it’s food from grazing. Unlike many breeds of hog, their black skin  protects them from sunburn and enables them to live outdoors on open pastures.

     Aside from their ability to produce deliciously superb pork on pasture, another thing that attracted us to the Large Black was their docility.  We wanted a pig that could be easily moved to new pasture and one that our girls could handle, and the Large Black fit the bill.  The sows are said to be extremely docile even when farrowing. "Noble Sam" is our boar and our 2 sows are "Prudence" and "Ella". We also have 2 Large Black gilts, 2 Large BLack/Tamworth/Yorkshire cross gilts, 7 feeders, and 18 piglets. The piglets were born June 30, 2012 and are running around all over the place!






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