Why Grass- Fed

     As most people are beginning to realize there is something very wrong with our food system in this country.  BSE, Mad Cow, E. Coli, obesity and cancer all seem to trace back to Industrial Agriculture.  Herbicides, Pesticides, manufactured fertilizers and feed loaded with antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products have caused a big problem that is affecting our society in ways we haven't yet begun to understand. A new healthier system is needed if we are to survive...and it begins with grass. 

     Cattle were created to eat grass, not grain.  One problem with feeding a ruminant *grain is that too much starch and not enough roughage can cause the rumination process to shut down. The rumen will inflate and press against the animal's lungs causing it to suffocate unless drastic action is taken.  Another problem with grain feeding is that it can cause acidosis. This condition can lead to many health problems, not the least of which is liver disease and a general weakening of the immune system. Enter antibiotics. Cattle rarely live on this kind of diet for more than 150 days, because their systems just can't tolerate it.  (*Side Note:  The "grain" that's being fed isn't just corn.  As incredible as it sounds, things like chicken feathers, chicken litter, chicken, fish and pig bone-meal, as well as beef tallow recycled from the slaughterhouses are all commonly accepted feed additives.)

     We have to move away from the Industrial model and get back to the way our food used to be grown and raised.  In our great-grandparents day most of what was eaten was grown on the family farm.  There was no processed food, their meat was raised on grass and they and their environment were the healthier for it. 

     Cattle raised on grass are healthier because they are eating what God created them to eat. They are happier because they're being allowed to "act like a cow" and graze.  You will be healthier because you're eating a better cut of meat and happier knowing you're doing what's right for you and your family.